At SorptionShade, we believe that the future of technical installations in building should be self-sufficient. The materials and components used in building, should have as many functions as possible: functionally, technically and aesthetically.
We believe that products should be produced and fitted into a circular economy model, so that the raw materials are mostly recycled, have as long a lifetime as possible and can be easily recycled again to be used in future sustainable products.
The SorptionShade energy shutter is our contribution to this philosophy. We strive to improve on effect and climate impact every day.

Technical drawings of SorptionShade

History of SorptionShade

Working in the construction industry for many years, mainly as engineers and technical consultants, the four founders is specialized in renewable energy, sustainable production and indoor climate.
We found that the assortment within renewable energy, was rather limited and required further components to be installed – we asked our selves:

Wouldn’t it be possible to use existing components of a building as energy source?

SorptionShade was invented, patented and brought to market.

To deliver a product that is top quality, sustainable to produce and to operate, our suppliers must be absolutely great.
– We are confident that our suppliers is the best in the business.

Meet Our Team

Robert Byriel Riedel


Stefan Thielemann


Patrick Holt-Hansen


Flemming Kragerup


Ole Brenting